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Assistant Director

Trainer & Chief Editor

Brae Wyckoff

Brae is a published author. His first book, The Orb of Truth, was released in November 2012 and is the first in his fantasy adventure novels, The Horn King Series,which weaves Christian faith together with a magical realm of dragons and lore, in an epic tale of good versus evil. His other books of the series, The Dragon God and The Vampire King are now available. His first children's book, The Unfriendly Dragon, was dedicated to his grandson Avery and is illustrated by Disney artist, Seth Weinberg.

 Brae co-hosted a radio/podcast with Steve Maddox (Director of John Paul Jackson's Dreams and Mysteries show) called Prophetic Underground. He started his own podcast called Broadcast Muse where he interviewed Christians, authors, and other notable celebrities. 

 Brae is also working on a documentary called San Diego Unveiled where he will be interviewing key leaders of the region about the history of this amazing city with deep Christian roots.

 Brae is an Elder and active leader in his church body at Awakening International, Vista, CA. He attended The School of Activation; an offshoot of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA.

 Brae was born and raised in San Diego, CA.  He married his beautiful wife, Jill, on December 11th, 1993. They have three children, Tommy, Michelle, and Brittany, and five grandchildren. 

 Brae loves being a husband, a father, and grandpa, and cherishes each moment with his family.

For more info, go to his website, www.braewyckoff.com

Jill Wyckoff

Though widely known in the San Diego region as a prophetic artist, Jill Wyckoff is also the author of Once Upon A Backpack, A True-life Fairytale of Self Discovery and Destiny.  

Jill is passionate about loving people, encouraging them to walk in the fullness of all they were created to be, and being a voice for freedom. She fulfills her passion through her Once Upon A Backpack book and presentations, The Greater News (TGN), Prophetic Art ministries, and her social enterprise, liber8ARTS which uses a portion of proceeds from art sales, events, workshops, etc. to support the fight against sex trafficking and to fund missions. Jill also leads the abolitionist team for One Million Mighty, the social justice arm of Awakening International. 

She and her husband, Brae Wyckoff, are Elders and active leaders at Awakening International Church and are the founders of Kingdom Writers Association (KWA).  Jill has a heart to see the lost come to Christ and cities revived and reformed. She utilizes creativity to serve this purpose, through encouraging/training writers (KWA) and teaching both prophetic art and prophetic art evangelism workshops, centered around biblical truths--creativity as our worship, our warfare, and our Super Power. In addition, she developed and leads a dynamic marriage ministry event called Love Stories in Living Color, which brings couples together "creatively" to paint their love stories on a single canvas through a series of guided reflections (no painting experience necessary). Brae and Jill passionately preach the goodness of God, and the power and freedom of walking in Him, to churches, and on the mission field, both locally and abroad.

Jill is the proud mother of three children (six, counting their spouses) and five beautiful grandchildren--all of whom are her bliss. 

 For more info, go to her website, www.jillwyckoff.com

Manna Ko

Manna is an internationally recognized entrepreneur with almost thirty years of experience, has clients in over eight countries, has spoken to over forty thousand people, worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and guided many individuals along the road to personal excellence. She holds an MA in Psychology, a PhD in Philosophy, graduate certifications as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN),

Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH), and other designations.

 As an author of numerous books, E-books, articles, curricula, manuals, programs, and online courses, Manna is a sought-after speaker, leadership trainer, and life strategist who helps people live extraordinary lives, prosper through chaos, lead under pressure, and deliver results while fulfilling their dreams and calling.

 Her calling is to teach, challenge, stretch, and equip others to live-out their gifts in a world hungry for authentic, honorable, and meaningful leadership and relationships.

 Manna has contributed to numerous educational, disciplinary and advisory boards, and is an Ordained Leader with Third Day Churches. She is a marathon runner, a health and exercise enthusiast, an avid reader, is conversant in four languages, plays tennis and the piano, studied martial arts, and is active in her community.

 Manna and her family live in San Diego, California, and she is a living example that you can have your happily ever after—even against all odds.

 For more info, go to her website, www.mannaforlife.com